Community Outreach is a vital part of Alpine’s ministry. Outreach events are coordinated and led regularly by our evangelism pastor, Bro. Kevin Billiot.

Opportunities include:
  • Sunday Night Outreach – Between Sermon Series and Bible Studies, we spend at least one Sunday evening organizing, training and participating in outreach in our community. We travel to neighborhoods, homes, stores, and anywhere else that the Lord leads us. We have seen several people profess Jesus as Lord during this time.
  • Harvest Fest – Every year on October 31, Alpine hosts its annual Harvest Fest. Numerous opportunities are available to serve. Over 600 people attend this event every year and our outreach teams reach out to them during the following week.
  • The Pineville Project – Each and every week, one of our seven outreach teams, are reaching the 20,365 people that live within five miles of Alpine.  The objective is to share the gospel with each household and present them with a copy of God’s Word.
  • Family-Fun Night – Alpine FBC hosts a community-wide family fun night quarterly on a Sunday night. These events are family-oriented, fun, and faith-focused. Guest speakers have included Megaforce, 2Talk42, and others.